Why Updating Your Resume is a Waste of Time

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Don’t get me wrong I do believe that updating your resume is something that you need to do once in a while – and especially when you are looking for a job, but it’s just not as important as you think and there are facts that can back this up.

Since 80 percent of your job hunting should be done offline, only 20 percent of your time should be spent on your resume. If you are familiar with the 20-20-60 approach to job hunting you will find this easier to understand. The basic principles are easy to understand, 20 percent of your time should be spent on job boards, another 20 percent on getting the attention of employers and 60 percent on networking.

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This means that making contacts and reaching out to recruiters – which is also part of networking, is far more important than spending time working on your resume which includes writing the document, uploading it to various job boards and sending it out to recruiters.

So, why bother updating your resume when you can be proactive in many different and more effective ways? This is why updating your resume is a waste of time:

#1 You Are Focusing on the Wrong Things

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If you are just sending your resume out to employers and expect that this will get you a job, you are mistaken. You can’t expect something will happen by just updating your resume and sending it out to employers. A resume will never be perfect as there are many things that are missing from them. With a resume you can’t get a lot of information about a candidates personality, attitude or values, but these are some of the most important factors hiring managers take into consideration. Relying solely on your resume to get you a job is a bad idea.

#2 You Are Not Giving Yourself a Real Chance

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Many jobseekers hate networking, but they know it’s necessary if they want to get a job. If you hate networking, here are a few tips to help you break the ice with people you don’t know. Ask them questions about themselves, get to know them, and prepare a good speech that explains who you are and what skills you have. Once you do that, the rest will come naturally. In fact, the secret to successful networking is not thinking about it too much. The idea is to market yourself into a job.

#3 Searching for a Job Takes Dedication

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Updating and sending your resume to employers is the easiest part of the job search. But since you can’t afford to be lazy, you have to do more than that. Success takes dedication; you need to take this more seriously. Considering that most job opportunities are found through referrals, the more people you know, the better your chances of getting a job. So, unless you are not willing to go the extra mile, don’t bother updating your resume at all. It probably won’t make any difference anyway.

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While it is important to continue working on your resume, this isn’t as crucial as networking and marketing yourself. If you are serious about the position, you will need to take the initiative to make things change – not just follow the typical resume writing rules.

So, how about you? Do you think updating your resume is a waste of time? Let me know your thoughts in the comments section below…;



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