What’s The Easiest Way to Get a Job?

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Everybody says that finding a job is difficult, but the truth is it doesn’t have to be. Even though the job market is tight in terms of job opportunities this doesn’t mean that they are nonexistent and you shouldn’t get your hopes down. Being successful in your job search means finding the most effective and practical way of landing a job while going all in.

In fact, there is always an opportunity at every turn, no matter how hard employers and pessimists are trying to convince you otherwise. To help you make your job search more efficient, let’s look at the different ways you can get a job beginning with the easiest:

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Getting Referrals

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Perhaps it is no news to you, but the most effective and easiest way to get a job is through referrals. Studies have revealed half of all available jobs are never advertised to the general public or available on the company’s website. The only ones who do know about them are employees or other people who work with the organisation e.g. consultants, business partners, even customers. These insiders can help you get a job that is more related to your skills.

Connecting With Employers Online

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LinkedIn has made it possible to contact other professionals directly. So whether you are looking for advice or would like to have a chat with employers about future openings, you can send them and in-mail and arrange a meeting in the form an informal interview. Also, the more professionals you have in your network the more the chances you have to get noticed by employers.

Attending Events

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Since it’s not enough to meet employers virtually, what you need to do is get involved with events that are taking place in your area – or even outside of your area – if of course you are willing to travel. The good thing about attending networking events is that even if you haven’t managed to get an offer, you will always end up getting employers’ business cards after meeting them in person, and they will have an idea of who you are when you send them a follow-up email the day after.

Sending Out Resumes

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Most jobseekers believe that looking for a job means sending out hundreds of job applications per week but this alone doesn’t help you get a job. While your resume is the first thing employers will see, it is more likely that you will get considered for the job if you take the extra step and contact the employer in other ways. For example, you can ring them up and tell them that you have sent your resume, or even write a winning cover letter that explains your interest in the company in more detail.

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As you can see, three of the four points on the list suggest that networking is far more important than completing job applications and sending out resumes. What this means is that as a jobseeker, you’ll need to get out there and connect with people in your field who can bring you closer to the opportunities you are looking for, and this happens once you get off the sofa. It also means that you can’t do one and not do the other. In job a search, you have to be proactive by trying out different ways of approaching employers.

So, what is the best way to look for a job? Let me know what you think in the comments section below…;



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