What to Do Before, During, and After an Interview

Do you have a job interview coming up? Well, first of all, congrats! Now, if you’re looking for help for your interview, you came to the right place! If you’re a regular reader of our blog, then you know how important interview preparation is. You only get one opportunity to impress the recruiters and prove to them that you’re the best candidate so they can eventually offer you the job.

It’s true: going to job interviews can be a very overwhelming process with so much to remember – how to answer common questions, how to use your body language, and even how to follow up after you’ve finished. But there’s no need to worry if job interviews are not your strongest point because we’ve put together this simple interview preparation guide on what to do before, during, and after your job interview to help you land your dream job!

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1. Before

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You have a lot of work to do before you attend the interview.

Research the Company and the Interviewer

Firstly, you need to research the company you’re applying to. Check their website or annual reports and find out all about their future plans and goals. Try to educate yourself about the company culture, how many employees they have, the work environment, and so on. Try to express this knowledge during your interview.

If you know the recruiter’s name before your interview, try to do a little bit of professional stalking. Search for their LinkedIn or Facebook profiles to try and find out more about their experience, title, and even their personality. This will make you feel more relaxed before the interview and it will give you the confidence you need to actually face them in person.

Practice Your Questions

Create a list of possible questions that may be asked by the recruiting managers and then try to come up with the best responses. Don’t just think about the answers, though; it is crucial to practice answering the questions out loud. This can ease up a little bit of tension during the interview as you won’t be caught off-guard.

You must also prepare a list of possible questions to ask the recruiting managers. Your questions could be about the company culture, the role, and possible growth opportunities – anything that can help you get a clear idea of what it would be like working for them. In addition, asking questions shows your determination and professionalism; it shows that you are really interested in the position.

Print Off Important Documents

You should always bring copies of your résumé and other important documents in advance. Don’t ever assume that they’ve printed off, or even read, your résumé beforehand. Always be one step ahead of the interviewers in case they fail to come prepared!

2. During

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It’s time for your interview. Are you ready?

Formal Attire

As a general rule of thumb, you should always try to dress formally for an interview; even if the company has a more relaxed environment, it’s better to be safe than sorry, so you should, at least, dress in business casual attire.


If you don’t want to lose your focus in an interview, make sure to eat beforehand, preferably something that contains vitamin E, antioxidants, and omega 3 which can help improve your brain functionality and keep you alert.

Be Punctual

Make sure to be there at least 5-10 minutes before your interview time to prove to your potential employers that you’re a reliable professional that can be trusted to be punctual if offered the position.

3. After

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Now that you’re finished with the interviewing, it’s time to seal the deal.

Shaking Hands

After the interview has finished, don’t forget to shake hands with your interviewer and thank them for their time. Before you leave the interview, kindly ask them when they are going to get back to you if they haven’t already done so during the interview.

Following Up

This is one of the most important parts of a job interview, a step that most candidates seem to forget or overlook. After approximately 24 hours, you need to follow up with them. Send each hiring manager a well-written and personalized thank you note that basically reminds them again why you’d be a good fit for the company.

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Can you think of any other tips for job interview success? Let us know in the comments section below.



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