What Should You Eat Before a Job Interview? [Infographic]

There’s an enormous amount of advice available about of job interviews. Guides on what to do and what not to do in a job interview are everywhere. So, there is almost no excuse now for not being prepared for job interviews. However, there is one factor you probably don’t pay much attention to that is extremely important. What you eat before a job interview is an extremely important decision, as it can severely affect your chances of getting the job.

You may think that this is an exaggeration, but after taking a look at this amazing infographic from StandOut CV, you will see for yourself. The infographic tells you what are the best foods to eat or avoid before a job interview so that you are in top condition for a job interview. For example, you will need energy and a positive attitude to do well in an interview, so it’s best that you eat a good meal full of whole grains and meat before hand.

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Check out the infographic above so that you know which foods will help you perform at your best during your next interview!

So, what do you usually eat before a job interview? Let me know in the comments section below…;



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