Top 10 Most Hated Jobs 2016

I can see the vein on your forehead popping and that searing hate is making you break out. I understand, some jobs are like a scourge of locust, flying overhead with a creepy buzz, consuming everything that lies under them. Other jobs are like the disease carrying vermin that inhibit the sewers only to come out at night to poop on your counter and contaminate that piece of cured meat on your kitchen table.

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They’re loathsome, despicable and malicious jobs that almost everyone hates so, take a big sip of haterade and join me for the ride.

1. Meter Monitor

Or, more derogatorily known: Meter Maid. This is the vulture of the urban landscape that circles over almost expired parking meters waiting to pounce the moment that last second ticks away. Not many jobs out there have the potential to completely and utterly destroy your day like the Meter Monitor as you run your errands, paying bills and stocking up on 6 gallon containers of Crisco (I’m not even going to ask). Unaware you return to your car only to see that bright orange citation placed purposefully under your wind-shield wiper. As you spit and cuss, you violently unlock your car and throw your containers of vegetable shortening in the back seat and rip the citation from under your wipers. From then until the moment you actually pay the ticket, every time you see it or think about it, it will make rage boil up into your stomach and make you rethink having wipers on your car. Because if you don’t have wipers where will they put the ticket?

2. Bankers



If all the ills of society could be personified and wrapped in a tailored suit, the resulting creature would probably be a banker. Admittedly, we are stupid and incorrigible so, when someone offers us money we generally take it. Even if that money has to be paid back thirty-fold with a down-payment of a kidney (because we have two kidneys but not a 50 inch flat-screen, right?). Also in recent years they have become synonymous with corruption, embezzlement and paying themselves stupid large bonuses in the midst of a global economic meltdown…;a meltdown which they contributed heavily to.

3. Politician

Another embodiment and allegory for everything that is wrong in the world, these policy makers are perceived to act with impunity, take advantage of the public and work behind the scenes on nefarious schemes to further oppress freedoms. Lest not forget that most of them are part of the loathsome 1% (as in the 1% of the global population that controls 95% of the global economy).

4. Lawyers

The abundance of lawyer jokes is a good indication that people don’t exactly look upon law professionals favorably. Also known for their unscrupulous pursuit of money, they defend the scum of the earth (and often get them acquitted) for a fat pay-check.

5. Telesales/ Call Center Agent



This is the type of hate that evolved from nuisance to a full blown hate of an eight year old that was denied a trip to the mall by their parents. The last thing anyone wants to deal with when they get home from work, is talk to a stranger for twenty minutes on the phone explaining them why they don’t need the latest cured meat subscription service. These people are often the type of people which can’t take no for answer…;.or twenty-five no’s…;.or seventy no’s and this is why they are on this list.

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Are there any other professions you believe are disgustingly hated? Let us know in the comment section below.


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