Tips For Changing Jobs in 2016

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Do you think this year could be the year you land your dream job? Well, why not? If you believe it’s high time that you make a change of scenery and apply for a job that is better suited to your needs and job requirements, then you should go for it. But before you make the big step, you might want to take some time to think about the current job market trends as this will help you make your job hunt a lot easier.

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If you are hoping to leave your current job to find a better one in 2016, here is what you need to keep in mind:

#1 Your Skills Are Important

In the near future, skills will be more important than qualifications. So, while your college degree will continue to be relevant, employers will be more likely to hire candidates who show they possess the skills that are required for the job. This emphasizes the importance of lifelong learning and how crucial developing your skills is for your career. Sign yourself up for some classes, learn how to code or a new language to increase your employability and make you stand out.

#2 Consider Virtual Work

More workers are now expected to be able to work remotely as companies have embraced the idea of the ‘virtual workforce’. If you can show that you are a flexible individual who can work well off-site but remain dedicated and engaged in your work, then you stand a pretty good chance of becoming a virtual worker.

#3 Choose a Job For The Future

As the job market is gradually recovering, more opportunities in the technology, engineering, and healthcare sectors will increase. More specifically there is going to be an increasing demand for technical innovation for mobile, analytics and automation. If you are considering of getting into a job in these disciplines, then I will have to warn you there is fierce competition amongst jobseekers for these positions.

#4 Take Advantage of Niche Job Boards

An effective job search requires that you make use both offline and online tools that are available to you. The best way to search for a job online is through a job board. However, this should not just be any job board. Niche job boards allow you to search for a job that is in your industry. These sites make it much easier for you to find a suitable position without wasting time filtering out positions that you are irrelevant to you. To help you out, here is a list of niche job boards by Smart Recruiters.

#5 Don’t Forget About Networking



Networking remains the best and easiest way to find a job. Since the majority of jobs are landed through referrals it is obvious you will need to hold on to your circle of contacts and, if possible, reach out more. Making new connections is vital as competition is getting stiffer and the first candidate who discovers the ‘hidden’ job opportunity behind each new contact is also the first who gets hired. So don’t hinder your own chances and make a point to meet new people.

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Before you start looking for a job this year, make sure you familiarise yourself with these important tips that will help you be more efficient in your job hunting efforts.

So, what type of job are you hoping to get? Let me know in the comments section below…;


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