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Restaurant Worker  Resume

There are various positions under restaurant worker such as chef, stewards, cook, dishwasher, grill room assistant, front desk clerk and many more. Their duties vary with the position they are working for. Chefs and cooks are responsible for cooking food, desk clerk performs duties regarding to safety and security of food, clerical duties and solves problems of customers. Dishwasher cleans all the food preparing equipment and keeps the working area clean and neat.

Sample Restaurant  Worker Resume

Richard Waugh,
6382, South 42 Street,
Tarrytown, RA 01827,
(625)-813 9303.

Objective: In search of a position of restaurant worker where I can use my related skills for better service.


  • Excellent in understanding the basic sanitation requirements regarding to food handling, personal hygiene, sanitation and equipment safety.
  • Very good communication and writing skills.
  • Able to communicate positively with staff and customer.
  • Very good ability to listen to directions and follow all instructions.
  • Able to carry and lift 25 to 60 pounds.
  • Ability to handle the role of cashier also.

Previous Work Experience: 

Some Restaurant, New Jersey, NY
Worked as Grill Room Assistant


  • Responsible for cooking food as planed in daily meal.
  • Responsible for preparing all types of food for dinner and banquets including soups, vegetables, sauces, entrees, hors, desserts and many more.
  • Weekly schedules were planned for staff including dishwasher and cooks of grill room.
  • Worked as communicator and provide counseling for staff regarding to timing and quantity of meals.
  • Responsible for operating and overseeing the food preparation equipment such as slicers, broilers, fryalator and ovens, dishwashing machine and other appliances.
  • Make study of food needs and their quantities based on the daily requirements and menus.
  • Placed various food orders from suppliers.
  • Performed various other duties as assigned.

Pleasure Restaurant, Tarrytown, NY
Worked as Front Desk Clerk


  • Deal with problems and complaints of customers by providing all time service.
  • Responsible for checking guests in and out.
  • Make sure about the security and safety regarding to food.
  • Also responsible for supervising property staff.
  • Responsible for reporting to bank deposits in absence of General Manager.
  • Desk, office and other work areas were keep very clean and neat.
  • Responsible for various other duties as assigned.

Education Summary:
Certified Food Handler, New York University, NY
High School Diploma, New Jersey, NY



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