Best Cover Letter for Medical Assistant Job

Professional Medical Assistant Cover Letter Sample writing guide
So now that you’ve finished writing your resume, you need a cover letter to go with it when applying for jobs. This isn’t as daunting as it may seem at first, so keep reading and you’ll find out all you…

Does Your Cover Letter Come Across as Pompous?

shutterstock Whether recruiters and potential employers actually read cover letters is debatable – in fact, a top recruiter on Quatz has admitted to never reading cover letters. But, the truth is that cover letters have come to be expected. Hiring…

The 4 Worst Hiring Mistakes to Avoid

ET Canada “Hiring”: the most important word in any business owner’s vocabulary. And yes, even more important than words like “revenue” or “market value”. And that’s because a company’s hiring practices can make or break its overall success. Done right,…

5 Highest-Paid Female Gamers! UPDATED

The professional video game world might be a boys’ realm, but it seems that female professional gamers are also making a name for themselves. Although gaming is not officially deemed a sport, the truth is that video gamers walk away…

5 Jobs If You Love Comics

So, your boss has made it infinitely clear that your movie quality spandex replica of Superman’s suit isn’t office appropriate attire. The world has little love for the comic book fan and the corporate world even less. So, what can…

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5 Ways Career Boosting Habits 2018

It’s important not to remain static in our careers. Not only is constant career growth more satisfying, but it can also improve your opportunities and make you essential to the company you work for. See Also: How To Meditate Your…

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