It’s Time to Why Use Travel Insurance

Okay, it’s an unpleasant conversation to have, but it’s necessary nonetheless. When the news seems filled to the brim with health concerns around the world, it might be a good idea to plan for the worst. Take, for instance, the concerns about the presence of the Zika virus at the Rio Olympics. Beyond that, the recent rash of terror attacks in both the United States and Europe have made some travelers extremely cautious.

So, when making your travel plans this year, consider setting up a “cancel for any reason” policy. It might be more expensive, of course, but according to NPR, “these policies provide financial protection for unreimbursed expenses if you have to cancel your trip before it starts or interrupt it once you’re there.”

While these policies might not see the entire total of your expenses paid out, they’ll still return a fair more than the standard travel agent’s policy of returning nothing. The “cancel for any reason” policy is perfect for women who may become pregnant. The World Health Organization advises pregnant women to avoid entering any area where Zika may occur.

Now, it’s always a good idea to keep traveling, folks. The world is, by and large, more safe than not, and statistically speaking, the idea of encountering a disaster when you’re abroad is actually pretty slim. That said, it never hurts to make sure that you’re covered.