How to Write Easy Simple Resignation Letter Sample

The Perfect Resignation Letter Simple resign letter format

A simple resignation letter is a formal way to say goodbye to the current employer by stating the reason of his resignation

Tips for writing a simple resignation letter

It is important to mention your date of joining and the tenure of service with the company.

The entire letter should have a formal tone. Causes should be informative and mentioned briefly.

Experiences worth mentioning should be concisely mentioned. Avoid grammatical errors by using popular typing software available.

Thanking colleagues, staff and seniors of the company helps in maintaining cordial relations. It can be avoided if further communication is not looked forward to.

A notice period mentioned in the contract should be hinted at and served; options regarding further discussion about the reasons behind your decision should be elucidated as briefly as possible. The current situation of the post should also be briefly stated.

Keeping it short and informative helps projecting the point of view clearly. Use of simple language facilitates understanding, resulting in greater possibilities of approval. Try and complete the letter in one page itself.


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