How to Choose a Degree That Will Help You Land a Job in Politics

Hello dear reader, so you have decided to join the corrupt coven that makes life miserable for the working masses? Although I would be extremely reluctant to help such an unholy cause, I am unfortunately being coerced by the global capitalistic system that your future brethren use to control poor people like me. So, this is how to choose a degree that will help you land a job in politics (and become one of the global elite that leeches of the labor of other people).

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Poli Sci

ann coulter

Ann Coulter, look her up she’s a horrible human being!


Obviously, if you haven’t figured out that your best bet to get into politics is having a political science degree maybe don’t bother getting into politics…;on the other hand, you might just be stupid enough to become the leader of the most powerful nation in the world (after China of course, what planet do you live on?). Of course, Political Science isn’t the only degree that will get you scheming and conniving:


donald trump

Yet another Horrible Human Being cum Republican…can you see a pattern emerging!


Why hide behind your finger? Most politicians are stinking filthy rich, and once they get tired of making stuff into gold, they want power. So what would be more beneficial than having an economics degree, not only will it teach you how to move money around to make more money, it will also teach you the nuances of the legal system that encompasses economic policy. So, not only will you be able to embezzle you’ll be able to embezzle using loop-holes which make the whole embezzling process completely legal or at least legally grey.

International Relations/Studies

Sarah Palin

Sarah Palin: Republican, Horrible Human being again!


With a globalized economy, a degree in International Relations/Studies will help you get your foot in the political door. I mean, after all, you should know where the country is, what language they speak and understand their culture if you are going to impose crippling sanctions on them right?

Law Degree


George Dabbaya Bush, Republican, Horrible Human…maybe mentally disabled


If there is one thing that is more despised than politicians, it’s tax-collectors, and after tax collectors it’s lawyers, so why not combine the hate of the working class into a super hate cocktail and become a lawyer/politician super-robot…;what I think my metaphor got away from me there…;what I mean is law students are trained to think critically, look at the big picture while still being aware of the details and how to charge exorbitant fees for their service. That is a bang up set of skills to get you on your way to a successful political career.

Anything Considering

rich pricks

All three of these pompous pr*cks have political potential


If you come from a wealthy family with a lot of influence, honestly you could study anything, literally anything and still manage to have a career in politics. Most of the world’s most famous politicians have degrees that range from religious studies to journalism even biology. Sure you have your Political Science and Law people, but you can have any degree under the sun and still become a politician…;if you have the power.

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Is there something I left off the list? Let me know in the comment section below.


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