How Do People Find a Job?

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Looking for a new job can be tough. The job market is a competitive place, and the best opportunities are so well-hidden that you lose every hope about ever finding a job. But since there’s light at the end of even the darkest of tunnels, this article aims to give you some valuable advice to help you improve your chances in your job search.

Now the first step to making this happen is gaining an understanding on how the job market works. This includes finding out what recruiters and the rest of the competition – i.e.: other candidates – are doing. Once you know that, you’ll discover where the good jobs are and how to go about getting them.

Looking at the stats, it becomes easier to identify prominent job market trends. A report found that both active and passive job seekers during 2015 and 2016 found a job through networking. In fact, 47% of unemployed people who were actively looking for employment found a job through networking, while 42% of employed individuals found a new job through their connections.

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Of those who completed the survey, those who were already employed but not actively looking for a new job were luckier than those who were either unemployed or employed and actively looking for a job. While you would think active job seekers would have a higher success rate in getting hired, the largest percentage of the people who did – over 60% – was passive candidates. This shows that, searching for a job while you’re still employed is easier than when you’re unemployed despite actively looking for one.

This makes sense, especially considering the fact that when you’re employed, you already have a professional network you can work with. So, instead of possibly having to build your network from scratch and with zero connections, you can search for a new job by reaching out to professionals that you know who can help you and who you met while in your current post.

Overall, it seems that the easiest and most popular ways to get into a job are:

  1. Networking
  2. Applying for the job
  3. Internal referrals
  4. Other sources

For those who are actively looking for a job, this table suggests that the most effective way to find a job is through applying directly for the position and cultivating a relationship between existing contacts. This is a job search pattern that’s familiar to most unemployed job seekers, and follows the 20-20-60 approach to landing a job. This approach supports that job seekers should spend 20% of their efforts on applying for a job, another 20% on getting in touch with employers, and the remaining 60% on networking.

In a nutshell, applying for jobs and networking is the perfect combo that will guarantee you getting a job.

Applying for the Position

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For the most part, if you want to get a job, you need to apply for one. This is the best way to search for a job if you’re unemployed but would like to get into a full-time position. Essentially, the more jobs you apply for, the better your chances of getting one are – providing that you know what you’re after and that your skills and qualifications are applicable to the role. Applying for just any available position won’t help you, or anyone else, in any way whatsoever.


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If there’s anything job seekers can take away from the results of this survey is that they need to go all in when it comes to their networking efforts. Instead of waiting for their resume to do all the hard work or waiting to hear back from recruiters, they should be actively seeking out for new contacts that will help them expand their professional network. Cultivating your existing connections as well as making new ones shouldn’t be hard work when you’re using LinkedIn, so make the best of the social network as much as possible.

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Sometimes, having a strong professional network and being proactive is more important than crafting the perfect resume, sending it out, and then waiting for employers to recognize your true potential. So, go out there; meet and talk to people. You never know when the next opportunity will knock on your door.

So, how did you get your current or most recent job? Was it through applying for a job, networking, or a job recommendation? Let me know in the comments section below!


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