Don’t Let Your Resume Look Like a Scam

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When applying for a job, the last thing you want is to have employers thinking that your resume is a scam. But since employers have become quite good at identifying deceit and lying, you better be aware of the fact that your resume might get rejected because it presents false information or isn’t unique enough. To ensure that this doesn’t happen to you, you want your resume to stand out; to say something different from what others are saying.

You want your resume to be the one in a million so that within the first six seconds the employer has already decided they want to meet you. Luckily for you, there are 4 simple ways to make sure your resume won’t look like a scam.

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#1 Tailor Resume to the Job

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This is the easiest thing to do when you are writing your resume. You just read the job advert multiple times until you are confident you fully understand what is being asked of you and then you take the main points – keywords or key phrases and scatter them throughout your resume. Tailoring your resume to the position also means that you need to provide evidence of the kind of skills you are required to possess. So don’t forget to provide some concrete examples as to how you meet these, and avoid just listing without any proof.

#2 Avoid Using Templates

Resume templates can be helpful to a certain extent. They give you guidance on how to create a dynamic resume layout and format as well as how to structure your key points. But, they shouldn’t be used excessively. This means that it’s never a good idea to fully rely on templates and present your own data exactly as they suggest. If you want to use a template, that’s fine provided that you make the necessary changes to it and make it unique. These could even be minor changes like adjusting the headings, text colours and fonts.

#3 Get Creative

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The most obvious way to make sure your resume will stand out from the rest is when it’s appropriately ‘dressed’. What I mean by that is you need to make sure your resume is extraordinarily unique – not only in terms of content or format but also in appearance. There are many ways to make your resume stand out by applying some creativity.

First you just have to think about what you are going for. Do you think a video resume or an infographic would work better for the desired position? Would it be relevant to the industry you are applying for? If not, how can you make it more applicable to it?

#4 Be Modest

Most career experts say that the best time to boast about your skills is when you are writing up your resume. Considering that your resume is essentially your first contact with an employer, this makes sense. But, there is always the danger of overdoing it. Exaggerating your skills can be as catastrophic as going into an interview with your flip flops as it is a major turn-off to employers. These guys are pros at identifying exaggerations.

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The only way you will stand a big chance of getting the job is by setting yourself apart from others. What this means is that your resume should be as unique as possible and as relevant to the position you are applying for to satisfy the employers’ needs.

So, how are you going to make sure your resume doesn’t look fake? Let me know in the comments section below…;


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