Amazing Business Card Ideas to Help You Stand Out

It’s almost impossible to stand out, and it’s not for lack of trying, you network, go to industry events and have kissed enough posteriors that you have chapped lips. But maybe its just that boring old business card. Here are 15 eye-catching, mind-blowing and attention demanding amazing business cards that can help you stand out.

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1. Screw The Environment

What is more harmful to the environment than creating thousands of something that will be quickly disposed of? Make a statement that your company doesn’t gives a rodent’s rear about being green and give out hundreds of plastic business cards at your next networking event!

2. Screw The Environment Part Deux

If that’s too rustic:

3. Also comes in black!

Once you go black….no I refuse to say it…

4. Aperture

Interactivity is all the rage since the internet infected our collective consciousness. So why not try this business card meets children’s pop-up book business card?

5. Pop-Up

Why be coy about it, you are a full grown man child and most of your reading involves books that look like your business cards, of the pop up variety. Added points for this video just because the spokesperson seems like a 90s rock band reject.

6. Lock Pick

I doubt there is anything more appropriate than a lock pick business card for a security company. Actually, I can think of at least 5 more appropriate things: a tazer card, mace card, panic whistle card…;ok so I can only think of three, but yeah giving out things that help people break into places definitely helps security. Added points for using pets as letter openers.

7. Grabby

Although being grabby in a professional environment isn’t exactly condoned, I think this type of grabbing might be accepted.

8. Show Me Your Box

So instead of thinking outside the box for their business cards TAM Cargo said “screw it” and made their card an actual box.

9. Geared Up Networking

What better way to promote your technical know-how than actually including that knowledge in a geared business card. You’re gearing up for new business (yes pun intended).

10. Techno-card

With techno music and cyber-punk functionality, download an app, hold the card in front of your phone and you have an augmented reality graphic display of the company’s logo and visual equalizer bars while electronic music thumps away in the background.

11. Techno-gift

So your clients are tech-savvy geeks they barely use business cards, they usually just beep and boop at each other to exchange information. So, how to you catch their attention? With a fully programmable microprocessor cum business card or:

12. Gameboy Business Card

Yes, relive your childhood with high-frequency ear-drum piercing renditions of your favorite 80s songs. If that isn’t interactive enough, check out this rudimentary video game business card which gets extra points for the polka dot bow tie and the heavy use of profanity (NSFW-ish).

13. Gameboy Part Deux

Oh, also this…;a tiny Gameboy, which I’m pretty sure you can print on the back off (if you don’t think this can be a business card then you’re a horrible human being).

14. And Part 3

Because yes I am a dork.

15. Video Business Card

Yes, a business card (well more of a brochure really, but who’s keeping track at this point) with an integrated LCD screen. Added benefit is that you can ask people that give you their business card “pfft does it even have a screen on it?”


Meat business cards…;need I say more? No, I don’t, and it’s the only thing the narrator of the video says too.

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Do you know of any other truly unique business cards? I mean honestly, we’ve seen enough rubber business card to last us an entire lifetime.


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