8 Powerful Verbs That Will Make Your Resume Look Awesome

You are a ball of brilliant awesomeness that would blind any hapless interviewer without Kayne West Venetia Blind Shades. The problem is that you aren’t doing yourself any favours with that boring, passive resume. So what can take a yawn-worthy resume and make it read like the resume equivalent of Bohemian Rhapsody? Well, luckily for you, it’s as easy as adding some high impact verbs, instead of the usual boring ones…;here we go.

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1. Yawn-Proofing

The reason most resumes suck is because sucky people write them…;actually that’s not entirely accurate, they’re sucky and they use boring, overused words making their resume as attention-worthy as an empty chocolate bar wrapper. So, how do you elevate your resume from sidewalk trash, to sidewalk currency? First review the experience you have on your resume: have you led a team to meet a project deadline…;whoop-dee-freakin’-doo. Do you also tie your shoe all by your wittle self? Instead of using that boring quip try: Coordinated a multi-disciplinary team to complete a demanding project, that resulted in meeting an early deadline and delivery of the product one month ahead of schedule. Boom, awesomeness. But coordinated instead of led isn’t the only power verb you can use, stay tuned for some more below.

2. Initiative

You can use initiative until you are blue in the face, but that homely overused word does nothing to convey the true gravitas of your magnificent brain’s potential. Instead of saying: Took initiative within my role which is so vague it would make Nostradamus say: “Come on man” Try giving specific examples such as: Established a new department due to the needs and potential of the project which I formulated. See there? Established and formulated have a certain weight and are specific compared to initiative. If it’s blaringly obvious, you don’t even need to mention that you innovative, its right in their face.

3. Saved

super hero man in mask and cape


Unless the saving involves saving the CEOs life during an office emergency, try to be a little more creative. Instead of I saved the company money say I consolidated the over-all costs, decreasing the project’s burn rate by 20%. Not only does that sound more specific it also adds decreased burn-rates which should make any member of upper management sigh like a love-stricken teenager. If eliciting erotic vocalisms from your prospective bosses isn’t epic enough, I don’t know what is.

4. Helped

Unless you helped rescue the receptionist from under a massive pile of unfiled expense reports, then using the word help is as mundanely beige as it comes. Instead of Helped increase sales during my tenure with the company use: Accelerated sales by 10%, amplified customer support satisfaction rates by 50% and expanded the company’s client base by 30%. See that statement is chalked full of buzzwords upper management people love, and with a little creative resume authoring they will love you …;or at least your resume, and let’s be honest, you’re a kind of abrasive person.

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