8 Most Right-Swiped Jobs on Tinder

It’s not you, baby, it’s your job. Of course, you career isn’t the only thing that makes you undesirable mate, there’s also that whole bug collecting thing, but it seems to be a big factor if someone is looking to randomly hook up. Go grab a pen and paper, and consider a career change, because these are the most right swiped jobs on Tinder.

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1. Men Top Spot – Pilot

Makes sense, doesn’t it? Men in uniform are always considered more attractive and the ability to have dates all over the world is another advantage. Oh and the allure of mirrored eye-wear is always a strong point.

2. Women Top Spot – Physical Therapist

physical therapist


Okay, not the first thing that comes to mind when you think about sexy professions. I mean, you’d think doctor or nurse or pornstar would be higher up than Physical Therapist. If you really think about it though, there are benefits to having an in-depth knowledge of the human body’s kinesis. Or how to recover after over-kinesis-ing.

3. Men Second Spot – Founder/Entrepreneur

I get it, money is power and power is sexy. Although most founders/entrepreneurs and CEOs are hard-core Alphas twitching pecs (that’s pectoral muscles, here’s a video to illustrate) and all, and if there is one thing that’s perfect for one night stands is rip roaring Alphas. I can’t say I speak from experience, I’m just assuming.

4. Women Second Spot – Interior Decorator

A jaunty roll about under the sheets and expert advice on what color your duvet should be? Well, that seems like a pretty sweet deal and (probably) the reason Interior Decorator is the second most right swiped profession on Tinder.

5. Men Third Spot – Firefighter

Really?! Is this a list of porno clichés? *Sigh* Well, I guess the female population still lusts after guys with dangerous professions, big muscles and that are “heroes”. Well, I can’t blame them, there’s just something about a man with a red shiny helmet and a large turgid hose. Ha innuendos!

6. Women Third Spot – Founder/Entrepreneur

So, I guess power and money is an attractive attribute for both sexes, but do you really want a one night stand that bosses you around? Oh, you do…;okay, well, whatever floats your boat, I guess.

7. Men Fourth Spot – Doctor

No, seriously now this is like the most cliché profession women lust over. Well, I guess, it’s for a good reason since there are data backing up the fact that doctors are infinitely beddable. Even though doctors also happen to be one of the professions that attracts the most sociopaths at least they’ll know how to dispose the body.

8. Women Fourth Spot – PR/Communications

public speaking


Okay, come on Tinder’s data people, you’re not even trying at this point…;PR and Communication people cover such an incredibly wide assortment of professions they could be anything from a local band manager to a wartime correspondent. On the other hand, I guess you want someone that can fluently communicate pre-coitus, I mean, it’s not like you can go from “Hi” to the sticky stuff, you have to interject a bit of dinner or something before that.

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Are there any other bangable jobs that I left off the list? Let us know in the comment section below.



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