7 Questions to Ask at Every Interview [Video]

An effective way of making a good impression at interviews is asking questions. But not just any questions. Usually, when the interview comes to an end, it is your turn to ask employers for more information about the position, the employer and company culture. If you have nothing to ask you are seriously risking your chances of getting the job, and you might come off as boring and not interested in the position.

Asking questions allows you to gain valuable insight into the culture of an organisation and find out whether you want to work for them or not. If you are struggling to think of questions to ask employers at your next interview, this video from the Business Insider has some good ones ready made for you. Have a look at this video and find out how these seven questions can help you get the job.

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What are the questions that you ask at job interviews? Let me know in the comments section below…;



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