5 Ways to Blow a Job Interview

Job interviews are stressful, sitting in a room with a complete stranger (or strangers if you are that unlucky) talking about yourself and what you have – or have not – accomplished is never comfortable, but dazzle interviewers we must if we want to get a job.

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Of course, there are are some big no-nos that you should avoid like the plague during a job interview, lying about your education or work experience, being distracted and interrupting the job interview to take a call. But, some people are so bad at interviews that we can actually use their mistakes as an example of how to blow a job interview.

These are just some of the best ways to blow a job interview.

1. Not Finding an Appropriate Place for a Phone Interview

man shouted at down phone


Phone interviews are tricky. Being interviewed from afar can be awkward, just imagine screaming so that the interviewer can hear you because your phone reception sucks.

There are cases however when people have taken things to a whole new level of idiocy and made interviewers regret ever requesting a phone interview.

For example, an interviewer reported interviewing a candidate who apparently forgot that you shouldn’t allow your kids in the same room that you have the phone interview. Just imagine being on the phone with a potential employer and having your kid scream at you ‘Mommy I have to go potty’! Talk about interview fails, right?

And while on the subject of potty, you need to make sure that you find the best room in your house for the job interview. Somewhere with minimal distractions, like your bedroom is ideal. One place you should definitely avoid having a phone interview is the toilet. You don’t want to get caught in the bathroom while on the phone with a potential employer, but if you ever are remember not to flush!

2. Wanting a Job for All the Wrong Reasons

Sure, sometimes we want a job so that we can just pay our rent, but I’m sure you realize that your interviewer does not need to know that. You want them to believe that you will be fully committed to your work and that you will be 100 percent motivated!

What you should certainly avoid telling the interviewer is that you want a job because your wife is making you get one, or because you just need somewhere to hang until you figure out what you actually want to do with your life. Another thing you should avoid is telling the interviewer that you want to get as far away as possible from your last job because you dated a girl there and things didn’t go so peachy.

3. Finding Weird Ways to Connect With the Interviewer

We all know that to win over an interviewer you need to make some kind of connection with them, you want them to like you, and you want them to remember you. There are plenty of clever ways you can do that, for example if you went to the same school as them, or if you members of the same charitable organization make sure to mention these things to the interviewer. By all means, however, you should never try to find your interviewer’s heartbeat so that you can connect heart to heart, and even if you are a medium you should refrain from doing a reading for them.

4. Trying to Impress the Interviewer

What you say in an interview is obviously extremely important to the kind of impression you give. So it is vital that you do say anything that is not interview appropriate and complimenting the interviewer on their looks is amongst those things. Even if the interviewer is ‘smoking hot’ they don’t need to hear it from you, it will not get you points, on the contrary, it will lose you points.

It’s also important to bear in mind that yes, your skills will impress the interviewer, but when people say that, they mean the skills that are relevant to the job you are applying for. So even if you do have a lovely voice, singing your responses will not get you anywhere unless you are applying for an opera singer position.

5. Not Realizing That It’s All About the Nose

job interview


We always stress the issue of personal hygiene when it comes to job interviews because you want to impress the interviewer with how professional you look and how neat and tidy you are. But like most things in life, make sure that you are not excessive in this endeavour. For example, it’s admirable if you want to put on some perfume, but if the interviewer starts looking for the nearest window to open when you walk in a room take that as a hint that you might have overdone it.

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Winning a job interview can be hard because the interviewer wants to ensure that they are hiring the best and with competition being so fierce you can’t always expect that you’ll be the one. Blowing a job interview, on the other hand, is quite easy to do. But, by following the rules above hopefully you can avoid blowing fewer interviews.

Do you have any other tips to add to the list? Your thoughts and comments below please…



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