5 Ways Career Boosting Habits 2018

It’s important not to remain static in our careers. Not only is constant career growth more satisfying, but it can also improve your opportunities and make you essential to the company you work for.

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But, as most people don’t get promoted simply because they want to be, you need to adopt certain habits. The career-boosting habits listed below don’t take much effort to adopt, and you’ll soon realize that they provide a lot of benefits.

1. Learn to Say Thank You



Surviving in a corporate environment takes a lot of effort, but it’s important to realize from the beginning that you can achieve next to nothing on your own in the corporate world. You always need the support and help of someone else, and it’s important to cultivate relationships with people that are willing to help you. So learn to say thank you and not just in words. Become the go-to person for everyone because you are ready to help out whenever you can. This will win you points with the leadership in your company as it demonstrates that you are a born leader.

2. Learn How to Listen



Knowing how to listen is an important skill in any environment, but few of us really know how to do it. For most people, listening is just waiting to talk and this can mean that you won’t be able to fully grasp what the other person is saying to you. In turn, this means that you will be closed to new ideas and that you only value your own opinion. It’s important, therefore, that you learn how to really listen because an insight into someone else’s mind and way of thinking can help you look at things from a new perspective and come up with fresh solutions for issues your company is dealing with.

3. Set Milestones and Monitor Your Progress



Time and again we’ve said how important it is to set your own career milestones as it can help push you forward. Working towards a goal makes you more determined, and it increases your chances of success tenfold. But, it’s not only important to set those milestones, it’s just as important to monitor your progress and check if you are on the track to achieving your milestone and if you aren’t you need to consider why you aren’t.

4. Become a Time-Management Master

time management


We are all busy at work, we all have a million things to do at the same time, and that’s what we get paid for. But, understand that if you don’t plan your day, you will end up swamped. It’s important to be able to pull your weight at work, and if you’re always falling behind deadlines check if the problem is the way you manage your time. Prioritize your work and block out activities that interfere with your work – like emails – when you need to focus on important tasks. This article will offer you more tips on how to become a time-management master.

5. Work on Your Communication Skills



One of the biggest problems in offices across the world is that communication between management and employees is not that great. There are always unclear expectations that result from miscommunication, so it’s important to confirm and validate everything you are expected to do. Make sure that you understand what is expected of you, so that you don’t have to keep explaining yourself to your boss.

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To advance your career, you first need to become a model employee, and this means adopting habits that can help you be more in sync with the environment around you at work.

Have any of these habits helped you advance your career? Your thoughts and comments below please…