5 Tips for Juggling Part Time Jobs in 2018

Whether you get a second job to pursue your passion or to try your luck in a different field or even work setting, it certainly has its benefits. For starters, you get a second paycheck every month, you get to work on what you love, and you keep yourself busy. But while having just one job can be difficult, imagine what’s it like having to juggle two jobs.

There isn’t any formula or method that will help you juggle two part-time jobs, but with a little time management, you’ll find that navigating your way through two jobs isn’t impossible. If you’re working multiple jobs and need some help on how to make the situation work, here are some tips on coping with the challenges.

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1. Plan Your Day

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Planning your day can be a real life-saver. Not only does it allow you to organise your work time but it also allows you to enjoy some free time so that you don’t go completely insane trying to manage two jobs. Even though you’re only working part-time, having to handle two jobs can be more demanding than working in one full-time job as it requires that you switch between different ways of working and wearing “two hats”. To help yourself out, get a calendar, set priorities, and appoint a few hours of your day to rest and play.

2. Clear Out Expectations

The best way to handle multiple jobs is to be honest with yourself and your supervisors about what you can and cannot do. This is something you need to clarify from the start, especially in the beginning of your second job, in order to be more efficient in both jobs. Since this lifestyle can easily lead you to burnout, it’s important that you know your own limitations and avoid stressing yourself out. Likewise, you should let your employers know about the situation and find a balance between both jobs. If it helps, learn more about the company policies in terms of time off as well as when you’re expected to “show up”.

3. Get Enough Sleep

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It’s a well-known fact: getting enough sleep at night is important to being completely functional in your job. Various studies show that you need about 6 to 8 hours of sleep to stay refreshed and to prepare yourself for work the next day. Good sleep becomes even more important when you’re working multiple jobs, considering that it’s much easier to take work home or work longer hours when required. The best way to do this is to find the sleep pattern that works best for you.

4. Do What Works for You

You can only find balance when really know yourself. Not just in terms of how you work but also how many things you can carry on your shoulders. This means that you may need to say “no” from time to time to things that won’t help you develop and that will stand in your way to success or put more pressure on you. In the simplest of terms, you should only agree to do what works best for you because only then are you able to give your best.

5. Stay True to Your Goals

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When you’re juggling two or more jobs, it’s extremely important that you constantly remind yourself why you’re doing it. How is it going to help you in the long run? Is it worth it? These questions should help you realise why you choose to have multiple jobs instead of just one and also help you from avoiding you waste your time and energy on things that you think aren’t important. Reminding yourself of the purpose of this will allow you to see the situation differently and give you the patience and stamina to pull it off.

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Having two part-time jobs can be demanding, but it can also be very rewarding as it can help expose yourself to new opportunities. In order to ensure that you stay on top of things, make sure that you keep track of your work and that you know what you’re expected to do.

Are you juggling two or more part-time jobs? How are you managing? Tell me your secrets in the comments section below!



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