5 Things to Do Before Asking for a Raise

There always comes a time in our lives when we need to walk ourselves into our boss’ office and ask for a raise. Unfortunately, this is not always a pleasant experience, but it’s one that we must all undergo if we want to be paid what we deserve.

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Of course, asking for a raise is not just about asking for money. A raise is quintessential in your success because it’s a step up; it’s about being valued in the workplace and being recognized for your contribution. And this is precisely why you should go through the trouble of asking your manager for a raise even if you feel really bad to ask for money.

Needless to say, you shouldn’t make this decision with a light heart. There are certain things you should do before asking for a raise:

1. Make Sure the Timing Is Right

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It’s always about timing, isn’t it? You might just have signed up a valuable client and feel that this is the right moment to ask for a raise. Admittedly, this would make a great time to ask for a raise as your boss is probably happy with you, but if your boss has been letting people go or if the company has been struggling financially you should really be patient and wait to ask for a raise at a later time. If the company can’t afford to keep other people on, you don’t want to come out as greedy when asking for a raise. Similarly, you don’t want to ask for a raise when your boss isn’t happy with your performance.

Simply take into account how you’ve been performing, and the company’s been doing and this should tell you whether the timing is right.

2. Make a List of Your Accomplishments

Most of us feel that we fare well at work and are pleased when we meet out targets but remember that doing your job in a timely fashion and doing it correctly doesn’t call for a raise. In fact, this is what you’re paid for.

A raise is about going above and beyond and being valuable to the company so you should make sure that you’ve done so before asking for a raise. Sit down and make a list of your accomplishments, take into account anything that you did that was beyond your job description. This list will come in handy when you prepare your arguments for getting your boss to give you a raise, so make sure that your list is detailed and that it reflects reality.

3. Test Yourself

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If you really want a raise you need to make sure that you deserve one and to do that you need to decide if you are really valuable to your boss. Now, in order to find that out you can apply for similar positions and see what they offer in terms of salary. Remember, it’s not about getting another job; it’s about discovering your value in the market.

If you get a lot of call backs you can consider yourself valuable and you can start prepping yourself for talking to your boss.

4. Take a Look Into the Company’s Future

It’s essential to focus on the present and decide if asking for a raise is realistic, but it’s just as important to see where the company is going and where you fit in the greater scheme of things. Are there any major projects underway in the company? What other challenges are awaiting the company? Figure out your place in all of these and decide if you will be a valuable asset to the company during those times. This should help you decide whether asking for a raise is the right move to make.

5. Prepare Yourself

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If you’ve taken into consideration the things listed above and decided that this is the right moment to walk into your boss’ office and ask for a raise then there’s one last thing you should do before and that is to prepare yourself. Asking for a raise is not a matter that should be taken lightly and even if you are on friendly terms with your boss, you should still consider this as a business meeting and you should prepare sufficiently for it.

Write down the reasons you believe make you worthy of a raise and consider whether taking proof of your accomplishments would impress your boss. It’s always good to be prepared when your boss asks you for something so make sure that you take into your boss’ office everything you are going to need to demonstrate your value.

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Asking for a raise is a complex issue for most people but you shouldn’t let that stop you if you believe that you deserve a raise. Perform your research and be confident that you are just asking for what you deserve.



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