5 Reasons Not To Take The Job

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After searching for a job like crazy and acing that overwhelming interview, you have been offered a job to work at your dream company. Well, first of all, congrats! That’s a great achievement considering the staggering unemployment rate these days – so why would you even think turning a job offer down?

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Well, actually, there are a quite a few good reasons to say no to the job even if, in theory, it is a perfect fit for your career skills and goals. Try to take the following advice in this article with a fair dose of reality that there isn’t such a thing as the perfect job (or, it hardly ever exists). This article is to help stop you from finding yourself stuck in the wrong job, affecting your health, happiness, career goals and ultimately hindering you from getting an awesome job somewhere else.

1. Shady Job Description

If the job description keeps altering as you go through the interview process and doesn’t get explicitly explained with clear responsibilities and tasks, just run away! How could you ever succeed in a company that doesn’t even know what they are expecting of you? If they don’t know, how will you ever know?

2. They Have Secrets

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You should immediately get out of the interview room if, during the interview process, the employers or hiring managers won’t share important information with you. Especially when you ask for a copy of their employee handbook before you accept their offer and they won’t give it to you, this raises a red flag not to accept their offer. That handbook speaks for the employment relationship you could potentially have, and if you don’t have the book, then they shouldn’t have you as their employee, either.

3. They Don’t Respect You

Take off as soon as you realize that they are disregarding your personal boundaries such as insisting to know your past salary information (with all the details of your tax return). This is a huge invasion of privacy. Since no employer is going to tell you their other employees’ salary, then it is not of their business to know your past salary.

4. Rude Representatives

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If you are treated poorly by the hiring managers, recruiting agencies or representatives of the company – they don’t answer phone calls or emails and leave you hanging for weeks until they contact you only to ask you to do more tasks for them, just decline. Especially when they just call you after a couple of weeks only to tell you that they’ll get back to you “at some point this week” and never do it. How are you going to trust them and work for them when they don’t know how to keep their word or treat you as a professional?

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Even if you are not sure about the above reasons just note one thing: when they are interviewing someone or trying to recruit them, they are showing their best selves; they will never treat you any better than at that point. If they are already treating you like s**t even before accepting their job, it will never get any better, and unless you are a masochist you’d better stay away from that job for your own sake.

Have you ever been in any situations like this? How did you handle it? Your thoughts and comments below please…



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