5 Questions You Need to Ask Yourself to Evaluate Your Resume

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How do you know your resume will get an employer’s approval? Honestly? You don’t. You just do whatever you think will work following a set of guidelines in an attempt to create the perfect resume. But since there is no such thing as a perfect resume, you end up wondering how you can create a powerful resume that’s at least good enough to get you to the second phase of the recruitment process.

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If you are not sure about your resume there are many ways you can evaluate its effectiveness. Check out these five questions you can ask yourself to make sure your resume will impress employers:

1. Does it Present Your Key Strengths?

The purpose of a resume is to introduce you to potential employers and present an overview of what you have to offer – your qualifications. So the most important thing you should be concerned about when sending it out is that it includes the information employers want to see on a resume. Check if you can highlight your strengths and give some convincing evidence that can back up your skills, experience and knowledge. It will help if you include some metrics to show the impact you have made in terms of company profits, sales that you have made or anything that can measure your contribution in a successful project or previous job.

2. Is it Presentable?

Your resume needs to be able to speak for itself. So before even employers get down to actually reading what you have written, the resume needs to appeal to them. If the appearance of the resume is poor employers may toss it directly to the bin. In order to ensure this won’t happen, think about what you do to improve your resume. Any changes in the format that you can make to give it some good structure? Consider the resume format pinpointing down details such as headings, bullet points, page margins as well as making it more readable and easy to understand.

3. Does it Stand Out?

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If you want your resume to get picked amongst the hundred-something resumes sent from other candidates, you need to ensure yours will stand out. To make it stand out in the right way, you will have to show some creativity. For starters, you could make good use of colours, or try out some less-traditional approaches to creating a resume. Perhaps a video or an infographic resume is what just what you need to impress employers.

4. Is it Accurate?

If there is one thing employers won’t tolerate when reviewing resumes is unforgivable spelling mistakes and false information. These elements are quite easy to overlook so before sending your resume out, make sure you do some double checking so that it doesn’t have any of it. Also, for your resume to be accurate, you want to ensure it speaks the truth and only the truth and accurately reflects your level of experience and knowledge.

5. Does it Answer the ‘So What’ Question?

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When checking your resume, it’s always a good idea to ask the ‘so what’ question. This is to help you ensure that what you are writing is going to be valuable to employers. Think about what would benefit the employers and make sure that you resume gives the appropriate answers to who you are – not posing more questions. An excellent way to do is to take a look at the job advert and make your resume fits in with their requirements.

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Your resume is the first impression you are giving employers, and it’s merely an introduction of who you are. That’s why you don’t want to spoil it. If you ever want to impress employers, ask yourself these questions, and you will be surprised by the results that you produce.

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