5 Little Known Facts About Recruiters

How much do you really know about recruiters? You often hear the words ‘employers’ and ‘recruiters’ when referring to the people who take the shots about making a new hire, but not many jobseekers are aware of the difference in each man’s role. Before you embark on your job search, it is important to familiarise yourself with what these guys do for living and what their job involves.

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Just like the word ‘recruit’ suggests, recruiters are people responsible for attracting, engaging, assessing and onboarding talent for work. These are essentially the people who assess the skills of job candidates and are getting involved in the development of an employer’s brand and try out different recruiting strategies to find the best talent.

Now that we got that out of the way, here are 5 little-known facts about recruiters that you should be aware of:

1. Recruiters Are Not Employers

A recruiter is not an employer; he is simply the in-between man. This professional is the person who brings you closer to employers. Most jobseekers think that a recruiter is a person who wants to help them find a job and help them develop their career. But contrary to popular belief, a recruiter is paid by an employer to find a worker who meets the right criteria for the job and fits into the culture of the organisation. So really, recruiters are on the employer’s side.

2. Recruiters Won’t Follow Up

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In the rare case a recruiter gives you feedback about your job interview it will be when you know you have done well. That’s because their main job duties involve around bringing the most suitable candidates closer to employers and prefer not to waste their time on jobseekers that are likely to have less chance of getting the position. Recruiters are busy people – or at least they want to have jobseekers to believe so. Most of them don’t appreciate the fact that you follow up with them.

3. Recruiters Don’t Know Everything

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Recruiters are the match-makers. They take a look at the job advert and pick out the keywords employers use to describe the candidates they want to meet. Then they most likely go on LinkedIn and other sites to search for candidates. Quite often you will find that these professionals aren’t specialised in your area of work and even if they manage to find you one or two job opportunities within your field, they might not have anything else in your niche.

4. Recruiters Aren’t Necessary to Get a Job

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Contacting a recruiter is a great way of getting a job, but this doesn’t mean it is the only one. As such, it may not even be the most effective. That’s because working your way into a job with the help of a recruiter doesn’t speed up the recruiting process for any jobseeker nor does you any favours. What a recruiter does is learn the job requirements and then goes out to find the candidate that matches the job profile the best. This means that just because you applied through a recruiter, your resume is not guaranteed to be put on the top of employer’s pile.

5. Not All Recruiters Have Studied Business

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According to a LinkedIn report, most recruiters are qualified up to the Bachelor level. In fact, 77 percent of those have a bachelor’s degree and only 18 percent hold a master’s degree. What’s interesting is that the subject of their studies weren’t Business or HR related. As it turns out, the majority studied Psychology and other areas in Marketing, while some of them even started out in sales.

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Getting to know some more information about the recruiters will help you understand the rationale between what they think and do. Not only that, but it should allow you to make the best out of their help to get closer to your dream employer.

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