4 Reasons You’re Still Waiting for That Promotion

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We all live (or work more appropriately) to hear those special little words: you have been promoted to senior something of something. I leave the something-somethings in there so you can embody your own dreams of professional progress. But you’re still waiting, expecting the boss one day to ask you into his office and put the satin sash on you with your new title emblazoned across it as balloons are released from the drop ceiling. Yeah, I never got promoted so, I’m not sure how the process goes. I do know, however, the reasons you’re still waiting for that promotion.

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1. Power Tripper

You bust your hump to meet deadlines, complete task before their due date and log immeasurable amounts of unpaid over-time to do all that; well, the thing is you’re a bit authoritative- the same way Caesar and Caligula were. The reason management might be over-looking you for a promotion might be a fear that you will go full dictator when given power over people. It could also be your cubicle decoration which includes an emperor’s robe and multiple flogging implements.

2. Being Too Good



I know this sucks, but it’s also a harsh reality of being too good. If you are so competent or specialized at your job that promoting you mean you would be leaving behind a flaming, smoking crater behind you, then management is definitely going to avoid removing you from your current position. It’s not like their favorite thing in the world is putting out fires and filling in craters. Of course, on the other side of the spectrum, if you do your job crappily you’ll never get a promotion either, so you’re pretty much damned.

3. The Puppy

In complete contrast to the power tripper is the Puppy. If you are so sucrose sweet that you make management think that you would never be able to bring down the proverbial hammer, then they will most definitely avoid putting you in charge. Although you are non-confrontational, professional and have a very good relationship with everyone in the office, you have to admit making cupcakes for someone that pissed you off isn’t exactly sending a message…;unless those cupcakes are unbelievably dry and there is a complete (and purposeful) lack of milk in the office kitchenette, but you could never bring yourself to giving someone dry cupcakes and not have milk for them.

4. The Loner



Hollywood’s favorite protagonist trope, the loner, gets things done all on his/her own skills or merits. The thing is, although it’s admirable that you unloaded 17 metric tons of printer paper by yourself last week, your self-reliance isn’t doing you any favors when it comes to promotion consideration. A pretty universal requisite of being in a managerial position or getting a promotion with more responsibilities is being able to work within a team. Although that leather jacket looks good, it’s not made of management material…;get it?

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Can you think of any other reasons someone might be passed up for a promotion? Let us know in the comment section below.



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