4 Overhyped Careers to Avoid

There are certain jobs that have had way too much media exposure and are just plain overrated. These jobs are all over social media, fascinate the dinosaurs which populate traditional media and perplex even further those on radio (podcasts guys? Have you heard of them?). Well, it seems like they aren’t all they are cracked up to.

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Here is a list of a few overhyped careers to avoid.

1. YouTuber

Yes, we’ve seen Pewdiepie on talk shows, in magazines and on news segments. On most of those traditional outlets, although the interviewer seldom knows Pewdiepie why he is famous, they always know that he obscenely wealthy. Sure, there are other video bloggers such as Casey Neistat which created a new media business out of his Youtube videos- the first one getting six million views, which revealed Apple’s refusal to replace batteries on their iPod. Sure, there are many more success stories and being self-employed is a sweet deal, until you have to pay taxes, healthcare and retirement. Beyond that, creating a popular or even viral brand that people will follow takes a lot of work, and some might argue a lot more luck.

2. Celebrity Chef

In recent years we have seen the unbridled accession to the top of visual culture pyramid of a certain type of professional: Chefs. They have been featured in movies, T.V. shows, competition shows, social media and pretty much any other outlet you can imagine. The thing is restaurant work is grueling, physically demanding and competitive; if you ask any celebrity chef behind the camera if he/she would recommend a career in the food industry the majority would probably tell you to steer clear including my favorite celebrity chef Anthony Bourdain (although he says it in a much more crass, erudite manner and that’s why I admire the man).

3. Instagram Model

We’ve all heard about the Australian woman that decided after a successful (and surprisingly lucrative) career as an Instagram model that she was going to reformat the captions of her images to reveal the “Reality” of the photos. According to dailymail.co.uk, a thousand followers can make you around 4.160 Sterling a year. Essena O’ Neill had 580.000 followers at her zenith- well, you can do the math. Although the money can potentially be substantial, it is extremely superficial and mentally taxing. At points it can even start to feel intrusive. Beyond that, Instagram (or more appropriately its users) are ageist, superficial and worship the cult of celebrity, so if you’re over 30 and don’t fit the standards of conventional beauty you might never make a livable wage.

4. A Kardashian

If there is one thing many young people aspire to be it’s a Kardashian. They are wealthy, marry basketball stars and megalomaniacal rappers and are models. But it isn’t easy being famous for nothing. You must keep producing sex tapes, involving yourself in various scandals and marry megalomaniacal people. It’s a life you wouldn’t wish even on your worst enemy.

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Are their another over-hyped jobs that you should avoid? Let us know in the comment section below.



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