4 Jobs for ‘Star Wars’ Fans

So you know every last esoteric detail about the mega-money space opera Star Wars. Although you have every single action figure, weapon replica (please…;all movie accurate), costume, piece of armor and model vehicle ever produced for the franchise…;and now you’re broke. The problem is you are so obsessed that you don’t have any regular clothes just Jedi robes, and you finally have your wispy neck-beard to a length that makes you kinda, seem like Ra’s Al Ghul…;.Um, I mean Qui-Gon Jinn’s creepy uncle if you squint really hard. Well, worry not my neck-bearded friend the force is with you…;here are some jobs perfect for a fanboy/girl like you!

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1. Costumed Character

I apologize but my first knee-jerk reaction when I see that mess you call a face is to cover it up. But, this it’s a win-win situation since you’ll be covered in your favorite character’s head and the world will no longer be subjected to the horror which is your visage. Since Disney decided to become an oligarch of all things nerd, is working on a massive 14-acre addition to its two stateside amusement parks, which as revealed by Han Solo himself will basically be a Star Wars planet complete with a cantina, marketplace and rides. Of course, the life of the costumed character can be a dangerous one…;especially if you go up against the notorious Jedi Kid.

2. Creator

If you have a bit of an artistic flair and good with your hands…;and a little bizarre, you can create Star Wars themed wares and pawn them off on Etsy! Although the movie broke enumerable box office records and once it gets a video release, I’m sure it will break more…;how is that relavent to selling bad Star Wars art on Etsy? Well take a gander, the actual movies (all seven) according to Fortune.com made an estimated 7.3 billion which is chump changed compared to the insanity inducing 17 billion dollars the merchandise and toys are worth. Don’t you want a piece of a pie so big it would make Jaba the Hutt vomit from over-eating?

3. Historian/Specialist

Remember the crazy number above? Well, there is an entire ecosystem that revolves around Star Wars toys, memorabilia and film props. If you are obscenely well versed in the objects that are revered with the religious devotion associated with the movies, then you can become a historian/specialist. This particular company evaluates and grades all things action figure related and this one offers visual guides for identifying and verifying authenticity.

Finally, you could even collect and resell items related to the franchise with some pieces garnering a huge price tag. How huge you ask? Of course, you ask you greedy bastard, well how about almost a quarter of a million dollars for Luke Skywalker’s lightsaber and a more than a half a million dollars (625.000 to be exact) for the camera Steven Spielberg used to film A New Hope. I know George Lucas filmed Star Wars I just wanted to give you a mini-nerd panic attack.

4. Be In The Actual Movie

Although Hollywood generally goes for near genetic perfection in their leading women or men, extras can be a hotchpotch of the less than attractive individuals. And sure the pay sucks, but you will be the envy of all your friends (and when I say all, I mean that one girl that might be a guy you talk to on Skype in Uzbekistan) when you point at a indistinct crowd in the background and say: “That’s me! No not the guy with the tunic…;no, that’s a lamp-post…;I think I’m there, I can’t find myself either…;”

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Do you know of any other jobs a Star Wars fan would love? Let us know in the comment section below.



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