4 Branding Resume Techniques You Need to Try

Branding has been an indispensable tool of marketing since, well, the inception of marketing. Brands such as Nike, Sony and Coca Cola have used branding to create huge empires that are instantly recognizable by everyone in the world. So, how can you become the Coca Cola of job seekers? Very easily with these branding resume techniques.

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1. Initiative

If there is one thing that makes supervisors and hiring managers salivate it is the initiative that yields results. Instead of listing duties under each of the positions you have held, use results and initiative achieved during you tenure in the position. This will distinguish you from the slew of other resumes that enumerate duties, responsibilities and tasks. Hiring managers and supervisors will look to you for results once you’ve been hired, so why not give them those results from the get go? Well, the results from your previous job at least.

2. Tag line

Just do it, I’m Lovin’ It, When You Wish Upon A Star, Think Different, Priceless. Even though not one company or brand is mentioned I’m sure most of you know what each tag line is associated with. A catchy tagline will grab recruiters’ attention and hopefully make them look at your resume for more than 6 seconds. The Candidate You Dream Of although catchy will most likely confuse the recruiter than actually make them spend longer looking at your resume, so instead, try developing an attention demanding Job Target which will be a concise paragraph about what you have achieved and why you would be a good candidate for the job.

3. Testimony

Many mega-brands have based their success and branding on testimonies- even if some of them were contested or constructed. Let’s take Nike as an example: by having a shoe endorsed by one of the greatest representatives of basketball at the time, Michael Jordan, it was in effect a testimony of the shoe’s ability to help an elite athlete augment his talent. Adding testimonies to your resume might seem unorthodox, but shining endorsement of your abilities, skills and personal merits will help reinforce your personal brand. Another added benefit to adding testimonies to your resume is verity; some people woefully remiss recommendations and references from their resumes, which at best, makes recruiters quickly pass over their resumes and at worse, make them suspicious as to why someone would redact references from their resume.

4. Online Presence

If there is one thing great brands invest in it’s their online presence. From ad banners on popular sites, to multiple websites for their various products, there is no way you will Google “X Huge Brand” and not find an official website. Having a website is a great idea for job seekers but beyond that you can make your online presences (and your brand) more robust by adding links to your various professional profiles. Having an online conduit is especially valuable if you have any type of portfolio that is pertinent to the industry that you are working in.

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Do you know any other things that might help you brand yourself with your resume? Let us know in the comments section below.



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