3 Things You Should Consider Before Accepting A Job

Hey…;Hey! Stop dancing around; I know you’re excited about your new offer but hold on a second. I understand your enthusiasm especially since you’ve been through some hard times lately, with you being unemployed as a result of that whole silly putty injury and what not. Before you start jumping from joy when you get a job offer, you might want to take a second and compose yourself because these are a few things you should consider before accepting a job. Some of them aren’t even related to the job!

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1. People

To be specific when I say people, I mean collaborating with people. This can make a job miserable or amazing depending on the type of person you are. Sure, not all people are heavy handed with the eyeliner and antisocial, but if you are, then a collaborative work place might be the closest thing to hell on this beautiful planet has to offer pre-mortis. On the other hand, if you are one of these social butterfly people that not only want collaboration but actually need it to survive, then working in space that keeps you in a confined cubicle might be as tortious as someone taking away your Skype.

If you have a problem with body odor and sweat then you could never be a stock broker on the Wall Street’s stock exchange. People stand so close to each other that the trading floor probably smells like a boy’s locker room inside a wet dog. And I don’t even want to think what that type of heat will do to your heavy eyeliner.

2. Space

Space is a crucial part of everyday life; how much you have of it, how much more you need and the mystery surrounding kitchens and why they need to be constantly remodeled. Space should be a significant consideration when choosing a job since it will stipulate how you spend the majority of the day, how you will spend numerous lunch breaks and even how you interact with co-workers and administrators. Also, there are numerous studies showing that natural light in the office has extremely positive effects on workers’ health.

3. Perks

Apart from the benefits that your company offers you, keep an eye out for perks. Is there a quiet area to take a break if your office is an open floor plan? Does it have a gaming room (because I’m a gamer and if I am ever elected to any type of office with power, I will make all employers offer a gaming room) do they have in house food services? Be wary though because some of the most amazing perks can come with the most sinister of fine print. For example, is there a gym on site because the company wants all employees to be healthy and have rockin’ beach bods or is it because their employees are expected to always be at work? Is the free snack bar there for people to occasionally indulge their sweet tooth or is it because they want to recreate Wall-E?

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Are there any other things you should look at before you accept a job offer? Let us know in the comments section below.



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