3 Things You Can Learn From Quitting a Great Job

A great job is a job that enables you to earn enough money to lead the kind of lifestyle you want to lead. A great job can also mean benefits and opportunities to rise to the top and that’s why most of us are under the illusion that when we find this job we’ll be able to settle for life and that we’ll only have to leave this job when it’s time to retire.

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Unfortunately, before long it dawns upon us all that working a full-time job means a never-ending routine from which there’s no escape and this is how most of us end up day-dreaming of quitting our jobs. Our dreams of what we could do once we quit our jobs have no restrictions and are often unrealistic, but if you have the funds to support you till you find your next career path, there’s really no reason to stick to a job that’s not making you happy. Take the time to discover where you want to go as a professional and to appreciate all the great things you can learn from quitting a great job.

1. The Bigger Picture Matters

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When you work 9 to 5, you never really have time to do anything else, you might be able to squeeze in a work out or a happy hour with friends but other than that you really have no time to consider what you want out of life.

However seeing as we don’t have unlimited time on this planet it’s important to figure out what you want to achieve in life; it’s important to take the time to figure out the bigger picture that is your life. Figuring out what you want to do professionally will help you figure out the steps you need to take to reach where you want to go.

2. Your Work Does Not Define You

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Full time jobs often mean the end of personality and individuality and that’s because our limited spare time does not allow our personalities to develop. Our works are also often so repetitive and so mundane that we lose every last bit of our creativity and soon we become defined by our work rather than our personalities defining our work.

Quitting your job could help you understand that work does not define you and it could help you find your personality anew.

3. It’s OK to Switch Careers

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We are all expected to make professional decisions very early on and with no real life experience it can be easy to commit to a career that doesn’t really fulfill you. However, soon after you quit, you’ll realize that there’s nothing wrong with switching careers and that it’s important to find something fulfilling to do in life careerwise.

Our career is not a fixed path that we cannot deviate from. You can switch careers until you find the path you are supposed to be upon.

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Quitting a great job might seem risky and you might be terrified to do it but the reality is that there’s really no point of working in a job that does not fulfill you. Remember that doing a job you love can mean wonders for both your professional and personal life so, take a leap of faith and trust in yourself.



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