3 Things to Research Before an Interview

It seems that life involves endless research, looking up exes and seeing how happy they are, which alcohols dull emotional pain the best (it’s not tequila surprisingly) and companies you are thinking about applying to. What should you research though? How many kids your ex has or how much their new partner’s net worth is? Oh…;wait…;this is about things you should research before an interview.

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1. Of Course

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Although my metaphors and allegories might be a bit convoluted, when trying to write career advice articles I always go for the most obvious points first, well because I’m lazy. So the first thing I’d recommend looking at would be the most painfully obvious: the position you are interested in. Look at the job ad and try to extrapolate what is hidden in the qualifications and requirements of the posting.

Try to contact current employees through LinkedIn or by hanging out in the parking lot (avoid wearing a balaclava no matter how cold it is, I speak from personal experience), you could even sign up for the company’s newsletter. This will show you what values the company looks for in new and current employees. It’s not like you would be standing uncomfortably close to an oiled up male stripper and ask him what brand banana hammock he’s wearing, go with the most obvious: why the hell is an oiled up male stripper in your house. See like I said convoluted allegory.

2. The Power Players

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Another great strategy is researching the upper echelons of the company, managers, department heads and CEOs. Most companies will have their senior employees (and when I say senior I’m talking about experience, not dentures and joint pain seniors) in the “About” section of their page. From there you can choose to complete your research (stalking) by visiting their social media pages, Google-ing them and finding their homes so you can wait for them outside to show your commitment to the job.

Again like the above scenario, avoid any head gear that might make you look…;unsavory. That includes: ski-masks, fedoras and/or funny clown masks. By the way, you’re probably the only person in the world that finds latex clown masks funny and not terrifying. And again I speak from personal experience about the head-gear thing. Wetting yourself while getting tazed doesn’t make for the best first impression.

3. Culture

Yep, there’s that intolerable buzzword again corporate culture. Why is it intolerable? Because the corporate world has this crazy obsession with using big, epic words to describe things within their microcosm which basically revolves around making money…;by definition culture is: the customary beliefs, social forms, and material traits of a racial, religious, or social group.

If you’re playing at home a company is neither a racial, religious or social group; it’s a group of poor shmucks that are forced together because they have to pay their bills. But none-the-less, they claim to have a culture and it would be extremely beneficial if you knew about it…;lackey.

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Are there any other things that you think someone should research before going into an interview? Let us know in the comment section below.



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