3 Jobs That Attract the Most Psychopaths

Psychopathy is defined as a personality disorder characterized by a lack of conscience and empathy that can result in volatile and manipulative behaviors. It’s not all bad though as it has been the reason we have cinematic gems such as thr Silence of Lambs, Psycho, American Psycho and Basic Instinct to name a few. Oh and as you will find out by reading this article below they might be the surgeon that treats you during a medical emergency.

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Here is a list of a few jobs that attract the most psychopaths.

1. Surgeon

psychopath surgeon


Alright, although it’s not the top job that attracts the most psychopaths, it’s easily the most disturbing one. At least on the surface. If you really think about it, when you’re on the OR table would you prefer to have an emotional wreck treating you or an emotionless simulated human-robot without compassion and feelings to get in the way of him/her patching you up? On the other hand, you kind of want a medical professional that realizes the life-and-death capacity of their profession and not treated like another day at the job when someone dies on their watch.

2. CEO

Well, this probably doesn’t come as a surprise; why would a job with power, influence and money not attract an emotionless manipulative business monarch? CEOs must act with impunity and without thinking about the hundreds of jobs and livelihoods that they are destroying with every bad, self-serving decision they make. It’s all about the bottom-line and the bottom-line (much like CEOs) doesn’t care if your son just got accepted to Harvard, or that your mother needs heart medicine or if your puppy is in immediate need of a lifesaving cuteness transplant. Hold on guys the boss wants to talk to me…;okay, so all that stuff I told you about CEOs just forget about it…;CEOs are awesome and they don’t fire internet writers for talking smack about them in their articles.

3. Law Enforcement

Police officers are yet another profession much like a surgeon, which is disconcerting to think that it’s composed of psychopaths. I mean, what’s the last thing you like to endow a psychopath with- besides a chainsaw and a mask of human skin? A fire-arm and the authority to use it. They use manipulation on multiple levels and they are even implicating people in crimes, or coercing people into feeding them information as I mentioned in this article I wrote previously, to make money for their department or meet their quotas. A police officer that shoots a perpetrator or suspect might get some jail time, but there are other times that he might even get a paid desk job. If you happen though to just shoot and injure a cop, let alone kill him/her then you might be facing life in prison. On top of everything else, add a healthy dollop of superiority complex (many police officers feel that their and their co-workers lives are more valuable than the deviant street-riff-raff that they pursue) and you have the perfect recipe for horrifying shootings and excessive use of force.

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Are there any other jobs you know of (except politicians, obviously) that attract sociopaths? Let us know in the comments section below.



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