How to Find a Career You Can Commit To

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4 Overhyped Careers to Avoid

There are certain jobs that have had way too much media exposure and are just plain overrated. These jobs are all over social media, fascinate the dinosaurs which populate traditional media and perplex even further those on radio (podcasts guys?…

The Top 5 Highest Paid Driving Jobs

If you’re the type of person who loves to drive and doesn’t like staying in the same place all the time, a career that involves driving would be perfect for you. And because there are so many different types of…

The Most Stressful Jobs of 2016

Do you think you have the most stressful job in the world? Well, think again. This video from Forbes features the most stressful jobs of 2016. If you want to avoid stress in your work life, you better take a…

The One Thing That Can Destroy Your Job Search

iStockphoto We were all young once; we were all engaged in dangerous behaviors that included life-threatening stunts and less than legal activities. Why is this relevant to a job search, though? Just give me a sec and I’ll get into…

Tips For Changing Jobs in 2016

Shutterstock Do you think this year could be the year you land your dream job? Well, why not? If you believe it’s high time that you make a change of scenery and apply for a job that is better suited…

How to Find Time to Learn New Skills

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Top 6 Most Overused Words in a Resume

Hiring managers go through a lot of resumes in their careers. In fact, they have to review an average 118 resumes for every position they’re in charge of filling. And let’s say the company they work for posts an average…

Top 5 Mistakes to Avoid When Preparing for a Job Interview

Ah, job interviews, the bane of every job seeker’s existence. They are just a dreadful business, aren’t they? Job interviews can be scary as hell, they can seriously deliver a blow on our self-confidence and they can screw up a…