4 Branding Resume Techniques You Need to Try

Mainsteet Branding has been an indispensable tool of marketing since, well, the inception of marketing. Brands such as Nike, Sony and Coca Cola have used branding to create huge empires that are instantly recognizable by everyone in the world. So,…

5 Job Search Hacks Every Job Seeker Should Know

The job market is tough, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that finding a job should be difficult. In fact, landing a job is easy; it’s just that you – and possibly your parents, think that it’s the hardest thing in…

Top 10 Unhealthiest Jobs in the World [Infographic]

Some workplaces are just plain dangerous. You could get crushed by heavy machinery or even shot; the danger is plain to see. However, this is a completely different kind of danger to the unhealthy jobs in the infographic above. The…

4 Important Sales Tricks That Will Get You The Job

Closing, always be closing. If there is one thing that the sales world can teach anyone is achieving goals in the most efficient (if not most ethical) way possible. People working in sales are one-minded, focused like a sniper on…

7 Phrases You Should Never Include in Your Resume

Shutterstock On average, hiring managers receive 118 applications for any given job – but only 20% of those applicants actually get invited to an interview. Thankfully, there are a lot of things that you can do to guarantee yourself a…

8 Powerful Verbs That Will Make Your Resume Look Awesome

You are a ball of brilliant awesomeness that would blind any hapless interviewer without Kayne West Venetia Blind Shades. The problem is that you aren’t doing yourself any favours with that boring, passive resume. So what can take a yawn-worthy…

How to Stop Looking Unprofessional in Interviews

See Also: Maybe Don’t Be Yourself: How Your Personality Can Botch an Interview Do you have any other suggestions to help someone look professional during an interview? Let us know in the comment section below. Source http://careeraddict.com

How to Read Preliminary Title Insurance Report

When you’re buying properties for pennies on the dollar, you may eventually find yourself asking an unthinkable question. Is Title Insurance Really Worth the Cost? Now, most real estate professionals wouldn’t think twice before blurting out “YES!!”, and for the…

It’s Time to Why Use Travel Insurance

Okay, it’s an unpleasant conversation to have, but it’s necessary nonetheless. When the news seems filled to the brim with health concerns around the world, it might be a good idea to plan for the worst. Take, for instance, the…

How to Kick Ass In Any Job Interview

Most people have no idea what it is employers are looking for in a prospective hire. Dont be fooled: there is a lot more to going on an interview than just showing up, shaking hands and walking away with a…